Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Yi 1530: Chinese Woman (in the dreams) revisited: let her come

Because what just hit me, harder than it has before, is that all dreams have indicated in no uncertain terms that she will make herself known to me (in no uncertain terms) (almost knocking me over when she basically rammed her enthusiastic self into me) and, thus, I don't really need to do much other than show up and maybe quit trying to have answers now when they'll be revealed in due time, so just write - because that IS the business at hand - and let things sort themselves out, as what is organic here doesn't require that I jump through hoops or keep a watchful eye lest something "get away."

Further, it occurs I could possibly throw a tangle into things by trying too hard, doing too much. It is mine, I think, to let Her come as she will, to be still.


Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows its subject free from insincerity, yet sure to fall into error if he takes action. His action will not be advantageous in any way.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Innocent action brings misfortune. Nothing furthers.
Blofeld: If it is unexpected, a journey now would be injurious. This is a time favorable for those with no destination in view.
Liu: Innocent action brings disaster. No advantage.
Ritsema/Karcher: Without Embroiling. Moving possessing blunder. Without direction: Harvesting. [Without direction: Harvesting, WU YU Li: no plan or direction is advantageous; in order to take advantage of the situation, do not impose a direction on events.]
Shaughnessy: The pestilence's motion; there is an inspection; there is no place to benefit.
Cleary (1): If fidelity in action has faults, there is no benefit. [This is fidelity not knowing when enough is enough.]
Cleary (2): Even if there is no error, action involves misfortune, so no benefit is gained. [This refers to clinging to a constant and not knowing how to change adaptively.]
Wu: Even without vainness, he will face calamities if he chooses to act. There is nothing to gain. [The sixth is not a position for doing anything aggressively. There is nothing sensible for the sixth to undertake. Doing what is not supposed to be done is an overextension.]
Confucius/Legge: Action is inappropriate now because the time for it has passed. Wilhelm/Baynes: Action without reflection brings about the evil of bewilderment. Blofeld: An unexpected journey now would plunge us into a state of dangerous exhaustion. Ritsema/Karcher: Exhaustion's calamity indeed. Cleary (2): Action without error involves misfortune when it comes to an impasse. Wu: the action taken without vainness will result in calamities from overextension.
Legge: Line six is at the top of the hexagram, and comes into the field when the action has run its course. He should be still, and not initiate any fresh movement. When a thing is over and done, submission and acquiescence are what are required -- not renewed attempts at action.
Anthony: When innocent action begins to meet with resistance, it is best to disconnect and fall back on acceptance. We should work with a situation only when it works with us, going only so far as openness in the other person allows. Waiting quietly without ulterior designs means to truly disconnect, inwardly, and go on our way.
Siu: The time is not ripe for further progress. The man keeps still. Activities in opposition to fate will not help him in any way.
Wing: Progress is impossible. Even innocent actions will create chaos. Do not attempt anything new, nor try to improve upon your surroundings. Do not do anything at all.
Editor: Wilhelm compares the import of this line to line six of The Dynamic:"Arrogant dragon will have cause to repent.” Ritsema/Karcher’s “In order to take advantage of the situation, do not impose a direction on events” puts a slightly different spin on the meaning, suggesting that circumstances will improve if you can keep from meddling.
Today's achievement is only tomorrow's confusion. -- W. D. Howells
A. Ignorant choices create confused consequences.
B. Sit tight -- allow the situation to unfold without taking action.

well, it certainly qualified as meeting. and actually it was sorta "common ground."


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