Monday, August 7, 2017

Yi 1526: Boots: Uh, about that beginning sequence? Uh, yeah. Make it go away.

First, I'll say that often enough to notice I find myself wrestling with a scene because, it turns out later when I realize it, the scene didn't belong. The working and reworking serves some purpose toward understanding what the hell the story is getting to, how to tell it, et cetera, but there comes the time when I realize that it doesn't work, doesn't need to be there.

This is the case this morning with Boots' (former) opening scene in the diner. It occurred to me "all of a sudden" that there is nothing in the scene (exposition re: Hawaii) that isn't better dropped into their conversation on their couch (interrupted by Virginia's call with news of Ruth's death).

All that's lost by removing the diner are three or four pages of script and significant production costs.

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