Friday, August 4, 2017

Yi 1507: what good is talking too God when the shit is too much

talking "to" God, obviously.

9 at 2: Inspiring confidence in exchanging, auspicious. Regrets go away. 
Deep and relaxed exchange makes all heaviness go away. Talking or even only feeling the other's presence puts everything in perspective. A shared heavy heart weighs only half as much, a shared happy one is twice as happy.
(Changes to hex.17)

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows the pleasure arising from inward stability. There will be good fortune. Occasion for repentance will disappear. 
Wilhelm/Baynes: Sincere joyousness. Good fortune. Remorse disappears. 
Blofeld: Confident joy -- good fortune and absence of regret! 
Liu: Truthful joyousness. Good fortune. Remorse vanishes. 
Ritsema/Karcher: Conforming Opening, significant. Repenting extinguished. 
Shaughnessy: Sincere usurpation; auspicious; regret is gone. 
Cleary (1): The joy of truthfulness is good. Regret vanishes. 
Cleary (2): Sincere delight is auspicious. Regret vanishes. 
Wu: There is joy with confidence. Auspicious. No regrets. 

Confucius/Legge: This is due to the confidence he feels in his objective. Wilhelm/ Baynes: This consists in having faith in one's own will. Blofeld: This implies exerting our will with complete confidence. Ritsema/Karcher: Trustworthy purpose indeed. Cleary (2): Confidence in the aim. Wu: The confidence of his purpose. 
Legge: The second line, by the rule of place, should be magnetic, but here is dynamic. Without a proper correlate above, and contiguous to the magnetic third line, he might be injuriously affected, and there would be cause for repentance. But the sincerity natural in his central position counteracts all this. 

Siu: The man is tempted by pleasures unbecoming to a superior man. But he clings to duty and integrity. 
Wing: By strengthening your integrity and principles, you will not be tempted by distractions that are unworthy of your attention. In this way you will become free of regret -- the regret that accompanies the waste of personal resources. 
Editor: The Confucian commentary emphasizes calm self-confidence: one entertains no doubts and indulges in no temptations to stray from the path, yet all the while remains open and cheerful toward experience. 
Man too, in his inner being, has a plane of contact with the divine self. And that's why he can only find his own divine being within himself, never by directing his attention towards the outside world. Elisabeth Haich --Initiation
A. Stay centered and keep the faith.
B. Trust your Self.
C. Have confidence in your intuition.

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