Thursday, August 10, 2017

Yi 1541: trail boots lake dream revisited

In the dream I finally arrive at the end of the long trail through the vast southwestish desert, the trail I had trod in previous dreams, and it ends at a lake.

The lake that is fed by, I'm guessing, the stream I had seen alongside the trail in said previous dreams.

In at least one of those dreams I followed the stream away from the trail to there it played and displayed itself in a canyon, whitewatering here, pooling there, clean rivery green in a gorgeous dreamlike setting.

And I seem to recall that in that dream I "knew' I couldn't linger, that I needed to get back to the trail. But such a sight that off-trail venture revealed.

But that was that dream and this is this one, and the trail reaches the lake - at long last - and I dive into the water (thinking as I do so that I might have checked to make sure the depth would be enough to receive my dive) and surface and reach down for my BOOTS to remove them, throw them onto the beach, and swim out into the lake, roughly the halfway point in the dream.

damn right. further, every reading herein that pertains to the HOW and WHY of my "40" includes copious does of both "32," staying with it, and "46," the step-by-step advance via willpower and hard work, through the resistance that UP-hill inherently includes. 

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