Saturday, August 5, 2017

sam and willow just write exercise

so sam and willow meet in flagstaff.

she's landed there via amtrak from los angeles, fleeing her dangerous boyfriend (with a handgun he can track) to her cousin's apartment, where she lives with her boyfriend, who is a student at n.a.u.

sam lands there when he hits a deer with his s.u.v., it needs work. he'll be there for a few days while the shop waits for a part to arrive from the dealership in scottsdale.

we already know he drinks himself to sleep every night and he is in the process of getting that going in his hotel bar when he hears willow sing karaoke his first night in town.

she'll cover a song that happens to have some meaning to him, get his attention from his seat at the bar. (for some reason lucinda's lonely girls comes to mind.)

nothing that night but he sees her the next morning in a restaurant.

she's a singer-songwriter, trying to get to austin, saving for a car. we have already met her acoustic guitar.

sam offers a ride. he's headed that way.

willow tels him she has a dog. (we have by now met spike, the rescued pit bull.) sam suggests it might be a good ides if he met spike.

spike, amazingly (to willow), is all about sam.

sam suggests willow contact her parents - he offers his drivers license i.d., his license plate info, etc. - but willow doesn't exactly have anyone to report to.

to be cont'd

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