Saturday, August 12, 2017

dream: big bald eagle medicine man


i, like, note there's this large bald eagle, like, climbing down bckwards from wherever he's been up high in the tree.

and i'm, like, excited, 'cause the real deal -  the big bald eagle - is making an up-close visit.

then he's, like, down from the tree, facing me, big bird, way big, and sleek and solid as almost carved out of clay.

and i, like, "know" to kneel as i approach, respectful, really, more than out of concern i'll alarm it away. i know i won't. and i'm really excited, honored, fortunate, and i, like, kneel to it, on my knees, real slow-like, and it's then that i notice a few people around me, they see the eagle and/but they're watching me, taking my cue, also kneeling to the bald eagle.

so, yeah.

then - and i am eye to eye with the eagle now, no one else in my field of vision - the bald eagle, like, morphs into a native american right out of central casting, medicine man maybe, shaman, all that there, and he's staring at me, glistening eyes, dark mud-colored pools, and i'm not really surprised at all and i see in his eyes that he is pleased i have recognized him, that i "knew."

i feel like maybe i have aced an exam or something. anyway, some "good job, Bob" points for me in his eyes.

then he tells me he sees me in a sports car and taking a long drive.

and that's about what of it i remember.

i'll take it, thank you very much.

the porsches come to mind, of course.

coolstuff, anyway.

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