Tuesday, August 1, 2017

boots: meet tom and wanda final prep: sights and sounds and NEW BONUS SCENE!!!

What do we see?

Tom and Wanda in a diner seated across from each other in a booth with a big window to outside and the truck parked at the curb with other vehicles, all with Wyoming plates.

Tom and Wanda in classic western square dance attire.

Tom's cowboy hat on a hook, Wanda's purse next to her on the bench seat, the window side.

The remnants of dinner - fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob - on plates pushed toward the aisle. Their cups of coffee between them.

Sections of a newspaper on the table near the window, closer to Wanda.

Tom holds a pencil above the paper's crossword that has his full attention. Wanda is swiping through images of Hawaii on her tablet.

What do we hear?

The clatter of silverware and dishes and murmur of collective chatter.

re: the bonus scene, just the realization/decision re: having the next scene be them in the truck driving home - some conversation about Wanda's upcoming cyst removal - and THEN cut to the scene I had previously following the diner, view from their manufactured home on a street populated by the same as the truck turns onto the street, approaches, turns into the driveway and under the carport.

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