Wednesday, August 2, 2017

boots: small section revisited: from diner to phone call

We see Tom and Wanda get into and drive away in the truck that had been parked at the curb of the diner, visible through the window at their booth.

In the truck, discussion about her upcoming cyst removal. Tom turns onto their quiet street lined on both sides by manufactured homes.

Exterior shot as they near their home, turn into the driveway, park under the port, out of the truck and up the driveway and steps and Tom opening the door and letting Wanda in after a quick kiss on the stoop.

Inside, they're on the couch, heads at opposite ends, legs and feet entangled under a blanket. Tom is looking at a Hawaii brochure, flipping through pages. Wanda is knitting. Tom mentions the surfing lessons available at Waikiki and maybe taking one. (The luau thing has already come up at the diner, when their waitress asks.)  Wanda doesn't know whether he's serious or not.

Virginia's ringtone. Wanda doesn't recognize it. Tom tells her he changed it. He answers. His face falls as he listens.

Finally, Tom: I'm still here. Are you okay?

This gets Wanda's attention. 

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