Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Boots: new beginning: got it.

Last night.

Tom and Wanda as previously, on the couch in the living room. Pajamas, heads at opposite ends, feet and legs entangled under a blanket. Wyoming newspaper and other items on coffee table. Add description, etc.

Tom's perusing a Hawaii brochure, Wanda's on her device, maybe.

Tom: Maybe I'll take a surfin' lesson.

He cites the ease of logistics given their Waikiki hotel, the gentle "rollers," warm water, etc. Wanda isn't sure whether he's kidding or not.

Tom: Hey, baby, when in Rome.

This segues into Wanda's luau talk, a sunset cruise, they can't wait, how many more days.

Then the call.

Wanda doesn't recognize the Virginia ringtone on Tom's phone, because he (stated as he answers) "changed it."

He answers. Hey there, what's new in the hill country?

His face falls into the Grand Canyon as he receives the news.

Wanda's attention is drawn when Tom says "I'm still here. Are you alright?"

And so on. Easy. And not even two pages.

Pow. Will exactify it tonight. 

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