Wednesday, August 9, 2017

boots: back to the beginning: basics 1

1. Tom gets the call. We hear the news: "Ruthie's dead. Hit by lightnin'." Wanda's reaction.

2. Them in bed, Wanda consoling a weeping Tom. Their framed photo on the lamp table in the moonlight.

3. Next morning. Outside their place on a quiet street lined by manufactured homes. The truck in the carport, Wyoming plates. A dog barking but we don't see it. They come out the front door onto the steep.

Tom dressed like a cowboy, down to boots and hat. The belt buckle. Wanda's in a robe. He's got a suitcase, she's carrying a lunch pail, on toward the truck, discussion of itinerary, she's already booked the room he'll stay in overnight, in abq.

Kiss and big hug and I love yous, and he'll call every couple hours.

Into the truck and starts it up, a hand-squeeze out the driver's window, more I love you, and he drives into the street, turns up the block, waving - Wanda waves back - and to the next street, signaling left, turning left, a last wave and blown kiss back at Wanda, who reciprocates, and Tom driving the truck out of view.

Wanda loiters a bit, checking flowers, before heading back up the steps to the stoop and into the house, closing the door behind her.

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