Wednesday, August 9, 2017

boots: back to the beginning: basics 2: gas station/meet virginia

1. Tom pulling into the gas station - diesel pump - and fueling up. Mountains in the distance. The chat with the young father the bay across from Tom, teaching his young boy how to use the nozzle to fill the tank.

He and Tom exchange howdys and where-ya-headeds? Dad's on the way to Sheridan where his wife and in-laws are. Tom's "headin' to Texas."

Business or pleasure?


Little a both then.



Dale extends his hand, Tom shakes it.


And this is my son Kyle.

Hello there, Kyle.

Kyle glances at dad for the okay sign. Dale winks the go-ahead.

Hello, says Kyle.

And so forth and Dale and son are back into their truck and out of the lot, aimed at the interstate.

Tom calls Virginia. Meet Virginia at home in Kerrville, "better" now that "friends are arriving." End call. Tom on the road again.

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