Friday, August 4, 2017

Yi 1504: Jason's marriage: two years from now

Legge: The first line, magnetic, shows the army going forth according to the rules for such a movement. If these be not good, there will be evil.
Wilhelm/Baynes: An army must set forth in proper order. If the order is not good, misfortune threatens.
Blofeld: An army is built up through discipline; without it, corruption leading to disaster occurs.
Liu: An army should be put in correct order. If not, there will be disaster.
Ritsema/Karcher: Legions issuing-forth using ordinance. Obstructing virtue: pitfall. [Ordinance, LU: Law, fixed regulation; regulate by law, divide into right and wrong.]
Shaughnessy: Troops go out in ranks; it is not good; inauspicious.
Cleary (1): The army is to go forth in an orderly manner: Otherwise, even good turns out bad.
Cleary (2): … Negating the good leads to misfortune.
Wu: The army going to war requires strict observance of discipline. When the discipline is not enforced, there will be disaster.

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