Thursday, August 3, 2017

armadilla: tommy and colleen @ the oasis 2

Previously. Without even looking at "previously," 'cause a quick glance reveals changes since that version, but the basics, given some update:

Guillermo's funeral, yes, where Jeff and Colleen agree that a separation is the call. This and that and Jeff picks up Rebecca at home for the drive to the airport and sending her off to school in Berkeley.

Tommy gave Colleen his card when he bumped into her at the racquet club. Only much later does she inform Rayleen.

Colleen has a couple glasses of wine, calls Tommy at his office. Secretary tells him, call from Colleen Van Horn. Later, post-call, secretary mentions the Colleen Van Horn she knows OF because she and her husband are Astros fans, and remember Jeff, who pitched for them.

Colleen suggests lunch at The Oasis. Tommy likes the idea.

Blah blah, this and that, Colleen catches Tommy up on Rayleen and her astrology podcast and David and such, Rebecca is off to Berkeley, and exposition that fills in Tommy - his son, his ex, his law practice, his home in Canyon Lake - and, most importantly, when Tommy notices the pale band around Colleen's finger, where her wedding ring had been (as recently as that morning) and inquires, she tells him they're separated and that Jeff's out in Comfort at the Van Horn spread, with his brother Bobby.

Tommy, whose therapist is either his secretary or an actual therapist, expresses his uncertainty re: approach to Colleen, given that she is "only" separated (not divorced) and, besides that, they've been married twenty-five years and separated for not even two months.

Colleen is on a similar page when she discusses Tommy with Rayleen, who is relieved to hear her sister's reticence - "it's healthy" - but also wonders aloud what harm can there be in conversation.

Probably left there in silence, shared sips of wine - who'll note that Ray also has white and Coll always drinks red? - and the rolling by of the river.

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