Friday, July 28, 2017

writing plans re: vacation and more hunt talkinamyself

all i knew coming in was that i would not touch Boots, finally done and ready for typing into format.

have just been open to whatever is coming out each day, at first Armadilla, then some of the hunt from Pecos, and a little more on Stephanie, having relocated following her husband's suicide by handgun in their lake house.

the hunt will just keep kind of tumbling out in bits and pieces and over time i'll get a clearer picture of what's happening on both sides of that property fence. a military weapons show i saw last night put a notion in my head that i'll probably jettison but who knows, maybe a seed of sorts.

there'll be an assassination on the southernmost property, to get their hunt started. and maybe jesse, through enrique's (his uncle through his dead father), takes over the business of the deceased.

(meanwhile, remember, jesse's sister is prepping for her quinceanara.)

danny will recognize enriquez's plane through his binoculars when it lands. he tells henry. needless to say, earl, who knows a little about the plane, is surprised. danny tells earl about what happened between henry and jesse in the parking lot at kokernot. then shows him; it's on youtube; henry wasn't aware of that. earl takes this curve ball for a strike.

 bubba, amy's dad - and no, he won't stay bubba - and a texas militia type, gets the second shot. amy's dropped the first deer at sunrise. the drone has helped them come up on a few deer on the other side of a hill they must climb. bubba does some huffing and puffing and finally arrives at his position, earl and his daughter already there, but, exhausted, can't quite settle the sights except to watch them hightail away.


earl tells him he's pretty sure where they're headed. they'll just drive on ahead and wait for them.

he gets his shot but only wounds the buck, dropping it to its forelegs.

danny: one more, bro.

bubba: i know.

he shoots and misses.

he shoots again, drops the deer but it gets back up, hobbling, dragging itself through the frame of everyone's binoculars.

bubba goes to reload, fumbles away the bullet.

danny: i got it,  chief.

he raises, aims, fires.

danny: sorry, man, had to.

he sets off, pulling his knife.

danny: i'll clean it.

bubba: i got it. thanks.

danny: alright.

bubba and amy walk toward the dead deer.

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