Sunday, July 2, 2017

boots: white sands


Jackie is filming Tom and Chloe and Carson gathered together, gazing at the Sacramento Mountains in the distance.

TOM: I wonder if y'all would mind doin' me a favor and lettin' me shoot a little video I could send my wife.

CARSON: Of course not.

CHLOE: Hope you don't mind if I record it, too.

TOM: Whatcher dad said.

CARSON: Well, heck count me in.

Carson and Chloe get their phones and position them near Tom's, all held at arm's length in selfie mode. Jackie moves as if in orbit around them.

TOM: Alright then, I reckon' we're rollin' on two, one...two. Hey baby, well, here we are at White Sands. Those are the Sacramento Mountains behind us, which is where we were today. That tallest peak is Sierra Blanca, which is real close to where we got off the gondola and had lunch. Anyway, Jackie's here too, she's been filmin' a lot and I gotta feelin' we'll have some more video to look at later but just wanted to get this while we're here and had a real great day and I love you, honey, been thinkin' aboutcha and i'll call you tonight.

CHLOE: Hi, Wanda.

CARSON: Hi, Wanda.

TOM: Well alright, sweetheart, gonna send this now. Talk to ya later.

Tom drops his phone from selfie position, Carson and Chloe do the same. Jackie stops filming, approaches them.

TOM: (fiddling with his phone) Thank y'all very much, she's gonna be so tickled by this. If I can figure out how to send it. There we go. I think.

They all put their phones away.

CARSON: Tom, I have a feeling you might not mind Mexican food.

TOM: My favorite.

CARSON: Tortilla Azul?



CARSON: You tired of driving yet?

Chloe smiles, shakes her head.

CARSON: Running out of light.

JACKIE: I like what I got.

CARSON: Well alrighty.

They leave, Carson taking Jackie's hand.

CUT TO: Wanda at home, maybe coming inside, whatever, hears the beep of her phone. Close on her as she watches the video Tom has sent.

CUT TO: Carson's house, night. The garage opens. Chloe drives the car into frame and parks it on the street, so Jackie can get her car out of the garage and down the driveway.

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