Wednesday, July 12, 2017

vacation: day 1: newark/nwayk

and a long day it has been, starting with the red line to the flyaway bus at union station los angeles to LAX for the 12:30 a.m. american flight to charlotte, where i had breakfast in the airport at the stock car cafe, then waited a few more hours for the flight to newark where i met my mom, who'd flown from austin.

picked up the rental from enterprise - about as smooth as they run it at SFO - for the considerably less smooth (quite bumpy, actually) transition toward getting the fuck out of newark and on the road to glens falls, new york, where we are now, in our rooms, after mexican food dinner.

a young dude who works at a starbucks in a target in newark helped me get on the right track. (i had walked in to see if they had a starbucks so as to use the wi-fi to figure out how to find my way. something i should have done before leaving l.a.)

we're for a few days to see sarah,  my niece,  and her two young children, who are stationed nearby in saratoga springs because her husband sean (abigal and alexander's dad) is, a navy submariner.

the drive was nice enough - lots of woods - but made not-so, for a stretch on 287, by a downpour that made the windshield wipers almost not quite enough.

we came out of dinner to rain and lightning, and it's raining now, which is fine by me; let it, i'll sleep better. (although given how scorched-tired i am right now, i'll sleep well.

then get off to exploring the area tomorrow.

anyway, now that the drudgery of getting here is done, anf i am in my room, let vacation begin.

we fly to austin monday morning, then texas time for me for a couple weeks.

which, to understate, i am in need of.

and blessed to have.

right now i am burnt toast.

bet i have at least one great dream to give some thought to tomorrow.

time for a cold one now and to check the local news.

then: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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