Tuesday, July 11, 2017

unidentified flying orbs and legion of angels dream

well that was interesting.

legion of angels descending kinda makes for this mass candle effect.

impressive. the first of them had hit the ground (grassy, by the way), at night and, sorta seemed were wandering about.

hard to describe, as I'm not sure exactly what I was staring at.

the ufos were kind of stationary hovering above where the source of the flow of angels seemed to be.

luminescent orbs, glowing white with a dash of yellow, gathered in a pod of maybe six or eight.

realized that was/they were what I had assumed were two shooting scars I happened to look up in time to see.

seemed the angels (if that's what this light parade was) were coming down a mountain.

or maybe a stairway of sorts.

anyway, to consider.

glowing white wings or robes or...

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