Saturday, July 15, 2017

two miss alaska dreams last night

odd. not like she's on my mind.

first, and it seems like maybe my grandmother's house.

i see a small puppy, near and facing the street. i am concerned it might run into the street so i go and get it it, pick it up. when i turn around, there's miss alaska to retrieve her dog. she turns and walks up the driveway toward the house.

again, SEEMS like that house.

doesn't say anything to me.

miss alaska, does in fact have a miniature-type dog. in fact the last time i saw miss alaska was at dublin's and she had her dog wih her.

she seemed also to have had a drink (or two) elsewhere before coming in. she also threw me a bit of a look that i have seen before, indicative of attraction. 

at any rate, it became apparent she needed some help and an uber was called, that i helped her into when it arrived. 

in the second dream - how weird, two in a night - she was definitely at my grandmother's house, inside and laying on the couch. 

and seemingly (well, certainly) a bit under the influence but in happy mode. when i approached the couch and leaned over her, looking at her, she said "you're cute," smiling at me, and perhaps said something else but maybe not.

i stroked her face and chin with the back of my hand.

end dream.

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