Saturday, July 1, 2017

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in for lunch and a couple pints of hair of the dog. (ran into rudy at backdoor last night and that was that, per custom).

nixon (nicole), always good to see, came up behind me - i heard "hey, handsome" and turned - to greet me with a good hug (which i happily reciprocated), and later, walking by, scratched my back.

it's a woman's touch i'm talking about, and how it is felt more when it is a scarce commodity.

that's all. weeknd WSJ to peruse, baseball on the TV in above and in front of me, and a four-day weekend begun.

tour (de france) began today - time trial - and i'll begin bob-on-bike tomorrow with an hour on the cycleops-mounted dinosaur, to be replaced in early november by the birthday gift to myself i will have earned by then by twice-weekly hour-long rides, beginning tomorrow.

back to baseball. it's remarkable how much power is in the pro game now; not just how far the balls fly out of the park now, fbut how many guys can drive the ball out to the opposite field and i am not quite sure why i bring up this incredibly crucial topic.

kayla is working. she's from temecula. is an actress. reminds me so much of kelly that it's wonderfully awfully disconcerting.

i don't reference kelly so much.

good place to stop this tweet and order food.

speaking of which, sort of, nathan's-sponsored hot dog eating contest is on one of the televisions.

i do not fucking get it, sam i am.

i mentioned karaoke at dublin's on sunday nights. turns out she -nixon - and kayla were there and did that last week.

i will giving it a go tomorrow night.

covering sin city, i think.

kayla just mentioned tina fey had emailed kayla's agent about something. (not talking to me, i overheard it.) she did not get the job, "they're going with a real redhead."

kayla - and i told her this one night about a month ago - is "going to kill it."

you can just tell with some people, the talent and drive to make it happen.

damn she conjures kelly like crazy.

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