Wednesday, July 26, 2017

that beach blonde (dream) again

they are seated on the sand farthest from the water.

if newport, they're, like, right off balboa.

the direction from which i come, with a surfboard under my arm, headed for the water.

i revisit and stop there because if it's the woman i'm darn near certain it is, her mars in pisces - given that my surfboard seema at least in part what turns her attention from the dark-haired man with her - is worth adding to this dynamic.

further, in point of fact, he, if he is who i am darn near certain it is, surfs. i do not. (i bodysurf.)

but i am the one with the surfboard here.

at the end of the dream, she has left him to join me down the beach (south) where i have walked for better waves.

"...letting the small child go..."


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