Thursday, July 27, 2017

sam and willow: meet sam/train tracks revisited

in the first scene we meet sam, sunglasses, behind the wheel of his SUV, idling where the backroad in the middle of the southwest desert meets train tracks. straight strip of old highway on the other side, leading to a mirage of water at the distant false end of it.

not another vehicle in sight.

sam checks his watch.

finally: the golf ball-size soccer ball that dangles from the rearview starts to jiggle just before the crossing guard arms lower.

the sound of a TRAIN HORN in the distance.

the train finally arrives, fills the screen as it passes, then road dead ahead.

the arm raises, sam proceeds toward the mirage.


sam filling up, exchange with the 20-year-old girl who is headed to tucson to start school at "u-a." the click of the nozzle having filled her tank. she gets a phone call, excuses herself, it's her mom.

some checking up and her telling mom (and us) where she is.

she'll leave first -  bye, nice talking, drive safe - and then sam, having filled up, will go inside the station mart and return with a small brown bag.

once inside the cab, he pulls from the bag one airline-size mini-liquor bottle, opens and downs it, then does the same with a second, seen from the market teller's pov, following sam from the truck to a trash basket with the brown bag, then back to the truck.

sam gets a call, "dragnet" ringtone. he listens, some cryptic response, tells where he is, where he'll be that night. end call.

sam drives out of the lot and onto the backroad highway.

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