Friday, July 14, 2017

quentin tarantino dream

i'm outside, with other people, seems like night, and i'm watching his (what i'll call) antics, interacting with people near the sidewalk he seems to be on.

maybe they're antics to me because of my own take on his particular cinematic "style." maybe.

at any rate, then i'm INside, at what seems like maybe some kind of party he's throwing. but it's not a house, it's a space, with different rooms, one of which, the one i walk toward, is filled with people sitting at tables.

i guess i'm invited but it's like, meh, whatever, not my scene, and do i even want to be there.

but i AM there, and it's probably not a bad thing.

and once inside, no more tarantino to be seen.

not by me, anyway.

i am sure - this is neither here nor there - he would be well-suited to the bloodletting in the the hunt part of pecos.

anyway. prob'ly indicative of "closer."

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