Thursday, July 27, 2017

pinched nerve causing some discomfort...and pecos

and thankful to not have chronic pain.

gobbling opioids just to limp through day and night.

i think danny - from pecos - has got a pain issue, besides the psychological damage.

searing pain. perhaps "only" occassional, results of embedded shrapnel.

dale - gotta change that name, but to what - gets around in a wheelchair. tank he was in rolled over a "kaboom box" and chewed up his feet and lower legs. he has a hearing issue. jesse supplies him the black tar the "v.a. won't put in their pharma-soup."

he is pleasantly surprised by the weed ana has shared with danny. as is sylvia when she stops by to surprise danny and ends up staying awhile.

as is earl when he finally breaks down on the hunt, when danny offers it again. he confesses he likes it and that josefina, his wife, has her own little garden.

earl walks with a limp. his huey was shot down in vietnam and he was captured, tortured and liberated when fellow marines came in. he drinks whiskey. the good stuff. and a lot of it.

he has the land through family from way back when "comanches rolled through here." and a story or two from the old days, and the guns.

josefina is - couldn't think of the title - the high priestess. her cat seems to always be around her.

casting, if i could: powers boothe as earl.

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