Thursday, July 27, 2017

pecos: the neighboring ranchera: cody

security at an imposing gate.

hacienda when we get there.

more security and dogs and glistening four-wheel drive SUVs.

a pool. young mexican women not wearing much.

cocaine readily accessible.

a gun room.

lamding strip for planes. (and a kind of control tower that will serve well as a sniper's position later.)

and CODY, 50-60, who owns the ranch.

jeans, fancy cowboy boots, western-style pearl-button shirt, cowboy hat and revolver in a holster.

(knife, too, sheathed in a boot.)

jesse. rapist that he is, sort of gets off on the wrong foot with cody when he takes liberties with one of cody's "attendants."

enrique, thus somewhat compromised, apologizes for jesse, who is not quite contrite. neither does he know, yet, who/what cody is.

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