Saturday, July 22, 2017

pecos: the hunt: more talkinamyself

danny brings along some of the weed he got from ana maria. he has opted to forego his v.a.-prescribed med program. ana maria dances in a club in el paso. the weed is cali.

earl is old school, not real down with mary jane, but after listening to a little more from danny re: his "issues" and v.a. situation, he's cool with whatever gets a soldier through the night.

danny promises the dad from illinois he won't do it around the daughter, amy.

dad appreciates that but he's a true believer, thus flexible with danny where he might not be with another. also common sense, sees what's coming.

earl drinks, he brings tequila and his own war story.

which tends to happen at campfire time. danny tells a sniper story.

earl was a prisoner of war in vietnam.

amy will ask danny, away from everyone, what would happen to her if, making ranger, she were to be taken prisoner. danny let's her know.

where is josefina from?

earl found her on his property, near-death, headed north from durango. she doesn't say a single word in english, until the end, maybe, right before she proves herself fluent in shotgun.

earl also found josefina's dead daughter.

josefina occassionally visits a an old tarot-type deck of cards.

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