Friday, July 21, 2017

pecos: the hunt: erasing enrique

one of the DEA guys lined up enrique and takes him out, thus startling jesse, who'd been in danny's (sometimes donny's) scope.

now danny's scrambling back to earl's fence, which he's cut. 

no. which is ALREADY cut.

as is the DEA shooter.

and when each reach that fence a red blip flashes under josefina's eyes on the radar back home in the "war room." hell, they're on candid camera.

and/or directly under a hovering drone.

DEA guy patches the hole - so likely earl on that side of the fence - and high-tailing it back home. but a shooter on the other side (or not) has night-vision help and plinks DEA. 

when danny goes to check, guess what he finds.


OR they let them through, don't patch the fence.

shooter on other side w/night-vision gets DEA who is not so equiped. but danny is and takes the other guy out, and the guy with him.

then gets the hell out of there.

under the surveillance of josefina.

who radioes (sp?) earl, who lets everyone know.

OR keeps it to himself.

he knows what danny has removed from the dead DEA guy.

but does the other DEA guy (one is still with us) know? and where is he?

who's on first.

and what's happening on the other side of the (high) fence?

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