Friday, July 21, 2017

pecos: doh. neighboring ranches, etc., talkinamyself

earl's abuts another.

donny identifies - and/or confirms through dale - enrique's plane flying in jesse to the adjacent ranch, identified by earl on the fly-over.

this is why, by the way, dale, eddie and allan (d-e-a, y'all) are along on the hunt, proximity to that adjacent ranch, with pecos river frontage (by the way).

donny already knows jesse's off on a hunt, because he's borrowed dale's - dale will become ron, i think - deer rifle.

which is chipped and easily trackable from the veritable control tower he has made of his double-wide bunker in the terlingua area.

but what does the colonel - earl - know about his neiglhbor, other than he has some money in trying to get a professional soccer team (or something, blah blah blah, to be determined) to the trans-pecos.

and the attorney down from pennsylvania with his 16-year-old daughter for their first wild wild west deer hunting.

josefina - comanche ancestry - is so hot a wild card here i can barely not stare at her in my hand.

neighboring ranches. that's the ticket.

and illegals - or something more - traipsing through the middle of it.

someone will lose a rifle. someone else will find one.

the daughter will absolutely refuse assistance re: cutting and cleaning her kill; her dad has taught her well and she is an eager learner. out comes the knife, in goes the blade.

a reflection of sunlight will betray someone's position on a ridgeline.

d-e-a have been lured in. one will display to us thr effects of a long-distance head shot.

or maybe horrific torso carnage.

no. headshot for sure. these guys sleep in kevlar.

donny has his shot at jesse but passes in it. he wants to kill him up-close.

donny loses henry, who suspects what donny's agenda is.

of course the colonel - earl - is in on it. at least leasing out fly-over space for what he damn well knows is going on. i think earl will likely literally put his ear to the ground on this hunt.

what's this girl's name? amy. for amelia. i think she may well dispose of a javelina that comes toward her with some urgency. or at least a rattlesnake. or glass jar in a campfire-time shooting contest.

she wants to join the army. be a ranger. guess what. meet donny. his story. more on dale. (who's name will change or donny's will, and it will, to danny, and dale to...ah, later)

so amy gets an earful of real army ranger. we learn more about earl's and experience in vietnam, flying helicopters.

another plane flies in toward the neighboring ranch, lights blinking against the starry skies.

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