Thursday, July 27, 2017

pecos: danny v.a. 1 sketch

we learn when henry comes into susan's house after the kokernot incident, to ice his hand, that danny, susan's son, the kid in the ranger uniform in the photo on the wall, is at the v.a. in big spring, in a kind of transition back post-afghanistan.

before big spring, he spent some time at an army hospital in europe, kind of a "debriefing period." in big spring he is taking part in a kind of experimental therapy re: ptsd.

but we don't learn that until after we have met danny in big spring, in therapy. he's recounting a dream he has had, about hunting in a place that could be home, could be over there. and he steps into a bear trap that wreaks havoc in his foot (through his boot) and lower leg.

and then the bear emerges, coming at him at a run.

some discussion of the dream, about sleep generally, about the meds, the group therapy. about his mother, whom he'll "call tonight."

how's the running?

great. he - danny - is about to go for one, eight miles.

see you tomorrow,  corporal.


(his therapist is in a wheelchair, perhaps an amputee. purple heart and bars. your wise and wounded
grandad with a buzz cut.)

danny on his run. ranger t-shirt. dude's in shape, fills it out. headphones. end run, a view of the facility. or: where can one run to from big spring?

he returns from the run to his dorm-type room to see his roommate dangling, having hung himself. danny stares. someone (o.s.) calls for todd, or danny, then finally enters, stares.

someone: have you called?

danny shakes his head.

i'll call.

danny nods.

his phone ringtones. he picks up.


hey mom.

just back from a run. everything okay?

mom, can i call you back in, like, half an hour?

nah, i'm fine, just gotta use the head. then i'll take a shower and call ya back.

love you too.

he ends call, puts phone in his pocket.

another ring tone, from the phone that lights up a front pocket of the pants the hanged man is wearing. danny fishes the phone from the pocket, looks at it, sets it down, stares at the hanged man. the someone else returns.

"on the way."

danny nods.

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