Sunday, July 9, 2017

pecos beats 2, sort of.


Henry arrives in Alpine via train from Los Angeles. He's inherited the cabin that his uncle built near Terlingua. His uncle Joe has committed suicide - which we learn when Henry shares with Patty (the bartender) (and formerly Sherry)  the letter he has received from Charles, his cousin (Joe's son, who is gay), notifying Henry of what has happened.

But before I continue, and because getting this thing moving this morning is engaging willpower - I kinda feel like slacking but no progress is not an option -  I thought I'd ask:

So Charles and Bruce (Charles's partner), down from where they live in Tulsa to tend to affairs, meet Henry at the station late at night, then drive to the cabin in Terlingua. The next day, after a walk-around of the property and the procedure of handing over the keys to the house and truck and some money that Joe left Henry, Charles and Bruce leave. (But not before we meet the truck in which Joe killed himself and learn the story of how he ran a hose from the exhaust into the cabin.)

When they leave, Henry enters the house. That very windy night he tries calling Patty again. Cut to Patty's apartment where a friend of Patty's has found Patty dead from an overdose. The friend answers the phone and relays the bad news to Henry.

The next day Henry gets in the truck and drives away.

Henry at the hardware store in Alpine, loading up for home repairs.

On the way out of town the a dog's barking draws his attention to the animal shelter.

Henry commences projects, fixing up the cabin, adding a deck, etc. One day he notes mountain lion prints on the property.

Ya know what? Screw this tedium. Why am I doing it, as I already know all roads lead to the hunt and I already know these roads well enough to not go over them (again) like this. Just freaking start stacking up the pieces of the hunt.


to the hunt.

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