Saturday, July 8, 2017

pecos beats 1: to(ward) terlingua

just start, Bob.

1. ext. ventura county jail, night. meet henry, hand in a soft cast. the sheriffs.

2. ext. east ventura metrolink station. henry meets the transient admiral with the grocery store cart ship.

3. int. metrolink train, sunrise. henry sleeping through simi valley.

4. ext. apartment building in the san fernando valley, day. henry walking, enters.

5. int. apartment building, day, mailbox room. henry gets his accumulated mail, is surprised by a letter, leaves.

6. int. henry's apartment, day. he opens and reads the letter, pomders.

7. int. bar, day. henry, barflies, and bartender, a woman, tatted and pierced, a friend of henry's. she inquires re: his recent absence. he references some business in ventura he had to take care of. she asks what happened to his hand. "an accident." he changes the subject, asks what she's up to, how's her cat, if she's behaving. "for the most part." he shows her the letter.

"where in the hell is terlingua?"

he tells her.

"so, what are you gonna do."

8. henry putting his stuff in storage, day. a friend and friend's truck. "take me to the station."

9. ext. union station, day. friend gives him an envelope. cash and plenty of it. a brief exchange re: "taking care of business." friend suggests splurging on a sleeper car if one is available.

10. int. union station. henry, at ticket window with clerk gets a one-way to alpine, texas. and the last sleeping car available.

11. int. sleeper car, night. henry enters with his suitcase and backpack, takes it in. over the intercom we hear which train we're on and where we're going.

12. henry's dream. he wakes to sunrise in the southwest desert.

13. ext. tucson train station, day. henry calls cousin, bruce.

bruce with charles (partner) in bed, on the phone (with henry). "see you in alpine."

14. bartender's apartment, night. ("sherry" comes to mind, i wonder why.) her cat. she shoots up, nods off, oblivious to the ringtone - dylan's "hurricane" - her phone sings.

henry in his sleeper car, leaves sherry a message, looks out the window at el paso and mexico on the other side of the wall. (foreshadowing, anyone?)

15. bruce and charles in car at alpine train station, night. little more on henry and bruce's dad (henry's uncle). we learn that henry was a boxer. henry's train arriving. they leave the car.

16. henry off the train. windy as hell. meeting and introductions (henry/charles) and to the car.

17. in the car on the road

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