Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Yi 1532: my agitated state 1

Legge: The sixth line, dynamic, shows its subject disposing of what may be called his bloody wounds, and going to separate himself from his anxious fears. There will be no error.
Wilhelm/Baynes: He dissolves his blood. Departing, keeping at a distance, going out, is without blame.
Blofeld: Dispersing blood (i.e. fending off injury or violence), he keeps it at a distance -- no blame! [The text of the original is so unclear that the additional commentaries all disagree as to the meaning of dispersing blood, but the general idea is perfectly clear from the commentary on the line.]
Liu: Dissolving his (coagulated) blood. Departing to a remote place. No blame.
Ritsema/Karcher: Dispersing one's blood. Departing far-away, issuing-forth. Without fault.
Shaughnessy: Dispersing his blood, he departs, warily exiting.
Cleary (1): Dispersing the blood, going far away, there is no fault.
Wu: At the time of dispersion, he disperses what hurts him and alleviates what worries him. No error.

Interesting the "not a mistake" in both.

Above 9: Dispersing one's blood. Departing, being far, going away, no fault
Let go of fears, preconceptions, expectations. Give everything the space to be what it is, don't make yourself part of it, changing it to your own size and ideas. Things happen - so let them happen. Fears and rules make them more difficult than they need to be. (Changes to hex.29)

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