Monday, July 24, 2017

murdering pornsters on the run: missoula 1

they arrive in missoula, get two rooms - victorie and sissy in one, chuck and billy in another - but too soon to check in.

they've been in a rental victoria arranged; she's driving.

plan is to get to canada. chuck has inherited property deep in the woods. there'll be the split of the spoils, of course, then each on their own way.

we've aready seen sissy's drive-by her parents' place in southern utah.

we know their drugs of choice.

and by that the time we reach missoula, chuck and billy need some more "help." they arrange a deal that goes south.

but first sissy takes a bus ride "to wherever" and ends up at the university (of montana) and sits in on michael's lecture.

later she'll see him in a cafe, strike up a conversation. he's grading papers.

victoria will steal a pickup truck. have to. and transfer all the goodies from the rental to the truck. but more on that later.

a delay in the drug deal causes them to have stay an extra night. victoria is not pleased. chuck assures them they'll take care of it early as possible.

victoria discovers a peephole/camera in the room she shares with sissy.

a member of the team that has what chuck wants is of the "fuck l-a" sentiment, but the guy handing it over (for cash) knows someone who knows someone who knows chuck's los angeles connect so chill.

discussion on where to meet. down by the river. a chuckle. then laughter. they're all high as fuck, glassy-eyed stupidhappy.

someone sings: i love l-a.


let me see that thing.

a glock is pulled from a glove compartment.

CUT TO:  chuck and billy and their own handguns, in their room.

victoria in the gun store, getting a handgun. she meets all the qualificatioms.

woild she like to shoot it first?

no. i know how it works. thanks.

to be cont'd.

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