Sunday, July 30, 2017

last day of vacation and armadilla talkinamyself

mom and i drove out toward blanco yesterday, a nice little road trip to put a cap on it.

vacation came just in time and i have used it to rest and recuperate and regroup. being able to watch the last stages of the tour de france helped where a kick in the ass toward back in the saddle helps.

that will commence tomorrow soon as i get home from work. chest and back tuesday after work and thus will begin the weightlifting.

made good progress on a couple projects while letting boots sit for these last few weeks.

will start in on scene one tomorrow. (first thing their 20-something)!waitress will ask them is how was square dancing?

there are elements that have washed over me while here, and in new york, about things "family," mostly; a lot about dave and things connected to him; about and around things that are so heavy, so emotionally/psychically unwieldy that i am almost paralyzed when it comes to to deep and thorough contemplation of them, they can feel so overwhelming.

and so i just try to make myself small and absorb what of them i am able to.

it's all so fleeting and fragile.
what is it to be brave
but learning to be agile
when around the grave.

anyway, rather than bemoan the end of the getaway, better for me to wrap my meditation around how lucky i am to have it, how blessed i am in too many ways to count.

and abigail and alexander are two more darn good flames under the caboose toward full steam ahead and taking care of business.

and - speaking of which - ready, FINALLY, to fade in to boots, which i'll guesstimate now will come out to 130 pages.

armadilla, by the way, feels more like pilot than feature and i'm going to write it accordingly. which means jeff and colleen will NOT file for divorce though they will remain separated.

speaking of which, so, a break, structurally, when rebecca flies off out of austin to berkeley.

time will have passed. jeff will have grown a beard. the lean-to on the property high point is done, fire pit included. bobby's tires arrive tomorrow. what's new with rebecca a month in?

colleen and rayleen. "guess who i bumped into?"

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