Wednesday, July 26, 2017

boots: the hunt: war room 1

earl has what he calls a "war room," high tech surveillance of his property via satellite, cameras, drones. this room leads into the "closet" that houses his gun collection, heavy on the rifle side.

henry has brought along - speaking of rifles - the bolt-action that he first used to kill a deer, with wade, the suicide-dead uncle from whom henry has inherited the cabin and acreage.

danny is using his (dead) father's.

in the war room, one wall is covered by a large framed and under-glass map of earl's property, and adjacent ranches. he explains to a very curious danny the lay of the land, and which draws and canyons lead to the pecos river.

danny asks if he can take a picture. sure, says earl, adds a topo map he pulls from a drawer.

"in case ya wonder off and get lost."

the room features a console attended by comfortable seating; monitor views to various portions of the property.

in fact a deer sets off a flash-photo of its pass-through.

earl pulls up a similar capture of a mountain lion.

danny may accept earl's offer to use one of his rifles, rather than his own, when he learns jesse is hunting on an adjacent property. a rifle with longer range.

would earl's m1 garand fit this?

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