Monday, July 3, 2017

boots: from Tom/howdy to Tom in bed

Dining room table. Chloe and Carson at the jogsaw puzzle.

Tom arrives. Howdy. He thanks them both for a wonderful experience and expresses the hope that emails and phone numbers might be exchanged and picking this back up after the dust settles a little bit. Carson and Chloe are up for and down with it  Tom would love to get a picture or two from their Nova Scotia trip. Tom adds a piece to the jigsaw puzzle, then another.

Excuses himself to bed, feeling a little tired, hopes they're okay with him making breakfast in the morning, and he has a story to tell about his "experience as a short-order cook a couple hundred years ago."

Goodnights. Tom leaves, boots clicking away.

Kelly (Carson's ex and Chloe's mom) at home perusing the photos of the day Chloe has sent her. Sound of door opened and closed.



In the dining room.

Rick enters. Quick kiss.

New pics?

Chloe sent some.

Who's the old dude?

Carson's dad.

Rick is taken aback.

Chloe's room at Carson's. She's on the phone with boyfriend, maybe, sorta, sounds like. Carson eavesdrops from the hall when he, nearing her room, hears the conversation. Continues to his room.

Carson's dream.

He wakes, gets up for water from kitchen, then, leaving and taking a look, notes light on in Tom's room. Hears the cat meowing from it. Puzzled, he approaches.

We see the shock on his face when he looks into the room from the doorway. We see the cat leave the room between/around Carson's bare feet. Carson just stares. We hear the cat's meow again.

Chloe's room. She is woken by the meowing.

Mister Whiskers? Where are you?

She gets up out of bed. 

Tom's room. Tom in bed in his pajamas, eyes open, aimed at the ceiling, unblinking.

Carson stands in the doorway, staring.


Nothing. He enters, approaches, pulls the chair from the desk next to the bed, sits, takes Tom's pulse. He ponders. The cat comes back in, meowing.

CHLOE (o.s.) Mister Whiskers? 

CARSON: Chloe.

CHLOE : Dad?


CHLOE: Is Mister Whiskers in Tom's room?



CHLOE: (o.s. nearing) Stop what?

He has no response. Moment of truth.

Chloe arrives in the doorway.

The cat leaves as it did when Carson stood where Chloe stands, staring, doing the math. She enters slowly, sists on the edge of the bed, staring at Tom. She touches his hand. Carson closes Tom's eyes. Chloe's lips tremble, a tear rolls.

Carson opens his arms to receive her.

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