Monday, July 3, 2017

boots beats from Tom's death to Carson leaves Kerrville

Carson finds Tom in bed, dead. The cat's meows draw Chloe to the scene.

Tom is taken away in an ambulance.

Wanda calls - their ringtone - and Carson relays the news. Chloe is there and has to leave, crying.

Carson in therapy, our second time with Doc. Chloe's flown home, Nova Scotia canceled. Carson has to wait for the ashes and then will drive Tom's truck to Kerrville, where Wanda already is.

Kerrville. Wanda and Virginia on the porch.

Carson's drive through town, makes a turn.

His arrival at Virginia's.

Carson in his room, afternoon. Chloe's call. He catches her up. Wanda and Virginia are napping. Talk about the weather - rainy and humid - and Ruth's and Tom's ashes to the "Guadalupe River tomorrow." 

Carson and Virginia and Wanda nursing wine around the dining room table, night. More on Wanda and Virginia history. We learn exactly how long Jackie and Carson have been together. Rain. Thunder. Lightning.

Jackie's house; she's in her home office editing what she shot; Carson calls. Some catching up about their respective days. After the call, Jackie rolls film; Tom in close up. We learn via a question asks Tom that what she shoots she plans to turn into a birthday gift for Carson, as his is coming up. This catches Tom off guard. His face changes, he looks down, then back up at the camera, his watery eyes staring at Jackie (and us). SOUND OF RIVER.

The river. In go the ashes. Virginia on its course to the Gulf of Mexico.

The porch at night and homemade ice cream. Carson will be in Austin to give a lecture in October. Virginia extends an open invitation. Wanda wants to "talk about the truck."

Carson leaving, morning. References, when asked where he'll be sleeping tonight, Tucson, as it's "about halfway." Hugs, goodbyes. Carson will call from the road. When he gets in, Tom's boots and hat are in the front seat.

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