Monday, July 3, 2017

boots: arrive home from rui, tom calls wanda, carson and chloe jigsaw howdy

Exterior Carson's, night. The garage door opens and Chloe drives them in. Jackie leaves after goodbyes and good nights. Will maybe see Chloe when she and Carson return from Nova Scotia, and hopes to see Tom again. Tom would like that, too, and hopes Jackie's satisfied with what she was able to film. Quite, she assures him and thanks him for being a willing participant.

Carson suggests return to the jigsaw puzzle. Tom will join them after he calls Wanda, as it's nearing her bedtime and she'll have had her cyst removed that day. He'll just walk up the road a-ways, so Carson will leave the door unlocked.

Wanda at home, Tom's ringtone, her eager answer. Yes, she got the video, it's so beautiful. Cyst procedure went fine, CUT TO TOM on the quiet dark road, starry skies, Carson's house, and the lights of others, the distant twinkle of Las Cruces. He lets us know more about the location of the pics taken at the top of Ski Apache. Tells Wanda that Jackie, Carson's girlfriend, shot some video and maybe we'll get to see some of that sometime.

Well, I don't know exactly how long but I don't think it's very long. Today was the first time her and Chloe met.

They're inside workin' on that jigsaw puzzle.

Up the street from his house, starin' at the stars, 'bout to head in.

Well, I believe the plan is breakfast in the mornin', then I'll be on the road.

They leave for Nova Scotia day after tomorrow.

Well, I reckon we'll exchange phone numbers and emails, go from there.


Oh Tom, I'm so happy you did this.

I love you too. 

Talk to you in the morning then.

Sweet dreams.

End call. She sits, wipes a tear.

CUT TO TOM, putting phone away. He pulls out a cigarette, lights and smokes, staring at the stars.

CUT TO CARSON AND CHLOE at the jigsaw puzzle.

CHLOE: So, what's the plan?

CARSON: The plan?

CHLOE: Are you gonna, like, stay in touch.

CARSON: I reckon we will.

CHLOE: You reckon, huh?

CARSON: I reckon. How do you feel about, like, staying in touch.

CHLOE: I'm down with it?

CARSON: Is that like being up for it?

CHLOE: Very good, dad.



CARSON: Early thoughts on Jackie?

Chloe gives two thumbs-up.

CARSON: So you'd be down with and up for dinner in town, with Jackie, tomorrow.

CHLOE: Down with and up for and all about it, dad.




CHLOE: Today was way cool, too.

CARSON: I thought it worked out alright.

CHLOE: A little weird at times.

CARSON: Agreed.  

CHLOE: Well, not weird so much as...just...hmmm...a lot.

CARSON: Yes. With a capital L.

Chloe's phone chimes. She checks a message.

CHLOE: Mom texting that she got and loves the pictures.

We hear the front door opened and closed and soon thereafter the landing of Tom's boots on the Saltillo tiles of the kitchen, nearing.

CHLOE: (low) You can almost hear the spurs jingling.

CARSON: (low) And jangling.

Tom arrives.

TOM: Howdy.

stepping up to the canvas, basically, and slinging paint.

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