Sunday, July 30, 2017

armadilla: rayleen and colleen: guess who i ran into 1

this should NOT be in their heretofore usual spot on ray's deck on the blanco river.

where should it be?

(cue jeopardy ringtone.)

gottit. NOW we're atop enchanted rock.

c guess who i ran into?

r who?

c no, guess. come on, you're psychic.

r maybe a clue.

c (beat) hmm.

r from the past?

c yes.

r like, childhood.

c see?

r see what? i'm throwing out guesses, i gotta start somewhere.

c still.

r when did you bump into this person?

c let's see. almost two months ago.

r where?

c the racquet club.

r playing tennis?

c there to meet a client.

rayleen looks at colleen

r well, what comes to mind - who comes to mind - does so only because the tennis thing makes me...well, i associate it with tommy shaughnessy.

c and how long did that take you?

r no.

colleen nods

to be cont'd

and yes i know actors aren't fond of having "beats" in their eats but hey, indulge my suggestion re: timing and rhythm and all that there.

om Starting Somehwhere

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