Monday, July 24, 2017

armadilla: lucille 1

lucille, bobby's ex-wife, lives in houston, where she has moved from nacogdoches, following a divorce that ends twenty-three years of marriage to the father of her two kids, 21 and 19, both out of state for college.

she is retired, a former high school teacher.

she met bobby a couple years after he'd returned from vietnam. she's a couple years younger. this was in galveston, "a lifetime ago." they were both a little on the wild side. bobby was fishing, she was a cocktail waitress with a plan to get to nashville. a shortcut or two landed bobby in prison, briefly, but long enough for lucille to see the light and make a break.

her divorce from her dentist husband has moved her to houston, for a "new start, again."

and she keeps a blog as a kind of chronicling of her "molting." maybe we meet her buying a new acoustic guitar.

i wonder if she'll have a poem about "that old nine-eleven." (bobby, remember, is putting together a '74 targa.) 

probably he had and wrecked one "out on the devil's backbone" back in those days.

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