Friday, July 28, 2017

armadilla: from funeral: retracing steps

at guillermo's funeral, jeff and colleen are on the same page re: separation. colleen goes home with dave, rayleen and rebecca. bobby and jeff mix with the funeral attendees.

colleen and rebecca, a talk at home at night. about endings, and new beginnings. and on meeting the grandparents (colleen's folks) "tomorrow night."

bobby and jeff on the back porch at night, with beers. on what will become of guillermo's house, and a talk one of them had with guillermo's cousin. silence except for the cicada and cricket accompinament. ready for that rooster in the morning. (guillermo's rooster; it's sunrise revelie has been mentioned before.) bobby says he'll head over for the dog in the morning. good luck getting her off guillermo's bed.

david and rayleen in bed. on...what? maybe something jeff or bobby said to dave, at the funeral. or a simple whaddayathinkinabout and subsequent answer.

jeff in bed, eyes open to open window and sunrise. faint rooster crowing. he gets out of bed.

bobby at guillermo's back yard with the rooster, crowing, sunrise. then into the house and g's bedroom and no luck getting the dog off the bed. hasn't eaten or touched her water. bobby sits  ext to her has a little talk. i'll be back later. or, you know the way to the house. he leaves.

jeff out back, sawing wood, sipping coffee. bobby arrives. no luck with the dog, will try later. need any help. bobby brings up driving guillermo's truck to whom he has bequeathed it, wherever this great-grand-nephew lives, maybe jeff could follow him out, give him a ride back. jeff's ready whenever. does the kid know it's coming? no, clueless. cool.

rebecca in jeff's home office. photos, trophies, memorabilia case, a view of the lake. a picture on his desk, Jeff and Rebecca with surfboards on the beach and leis around their necks. colleen, barefoot and in simple yet flattering sweats, arrives in the doorway, coffee in hand, unbeknownst to rebecca, who takes in the room as if trying to memorize it. colleen content to observe. finally rebecca sees her and is startled.

colleen: i figured i'd startle you if i said anything, so...

rebecca: how long have you been there?

colleen: just arrived. up for french toast?

rebecca: sounds good.

colleen: bike ride later?

rebecca nods.

rebecca: mom.

colleen: yes.

rebecca: are you surprised dad told me?

colleen shakes her head.

rebecca nods.

rebecca: and you never would have.

colleen nods.

colleen: ride from here or drive to ride?

rebecca: let's head for the hills.

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