Monday, July 24, 2017

armadilla: FM 1376: 911 first spin

when Bobby and Jeff drive to Luckenbach for Dave's show.

When all gather around the car - still primer, no paint - and Colleen's and Rayleen's dad asks which way they came up (from Comfort). And some more on the engine. Bobby hands him the keys, gets in the passenger seat.

Bobby has somewhat customized - power windows, new a-c, seats and interior, etc. - but kept with the style signature of the car's era.

found it online, a shed up in odessa. belonged to the widow of the man who owned it, a project he never got around to. bobby's kept in touch with the widow, is sending her pictures of the work in progress. gonna stop by and on the way to o-k-c in september.

further context.

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