Saturday, July 29, 2017

armadilla: dinner at the mccalesters and rebecca/colleen drive home notes

rayleen's and colleen's parents, dwayne and opal.

ray and coll and rebecca and dave. they live in houston.

and guess who they are sure they saw in their starbucks. lucille, bobby's ex. almost positive. came home and googled her and sure enough, she has a blog and lives in katy.

some reference to how good bobby looked at the funeral. dwayne references the porsche bobby mentioned. rebecca confirms that it's coming along and that she thinks bobby would like to have it ready to drive to dave's show in luckenbach.

which dave gets asked about. rebecca, who'll be in school, bemoans that she'll miss it.

grandparents inquire about school, the housing arrengement in walnut creek that jeff has arranged to lease from a former teammate. on BARTING everyday.

on jeff driving out from comfort (formerly menard) to pick up rebecca at home in austin, then to breakfast before taking her to the airport (in a couple or few days).

on their drive home, rebecca asks:

mom, do you want to be a grandmother?

(two beats) yes.

what if you're not?

then i'm not.

but you'd be disappointed.

no. i simply wouldn't be a grandmother.

alright. what if i adopted?

then i'd be a grandmother.

are you thinking about adopting?

as a possibility.


someday, maybe.


who knows.

not me.

are you relieved i broke up with christina?

did you break up with christina?

do you mean did we talk?


yes. she called, and called, and i picked up and told her that i had a few things to say and she could listen until i was done or interrupt and get hung up on. she didn't say anything so i said what i had to say, which i had written down, and when i was done i asked if she had anything to say and she did not, except i'm sorry, which is a lot and i told her i appreciate that and that i'm done and moving on and good luck. she said cool and i said cool and i hung up. the end.

i'm glad you talked.

me too. but you didn't answer my question.

to be cont'd...

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