Saturday, July 1, 2017

a thought or two on "life is suffering"

I have to say, given her (a very dear friend) use of affirmations - speaking and chanting and meditating and whatever else toward "manifesting" - I find I have to bite my tongue when she basically insists that "life is (about) suffering."

She read that, heard it, bought in, and that's fine, it's her road, but, I have to say, and kind of wanted to tell her, "No, it isn't. That's your opinion. That's your take and approach. Further, and more to the point, what kind of affirmation is "life is suffering." What the heck does that manifest?

I would never try to summarize what life is about but damn if I'm buying into that mantra.

Who says? Because someone did makes it true, or even wise? Life certainly involves suffering; I'll nod my head to that and add a suggestion that it might be worth considering the hundreds of thousands of people who every day and night of their lives are truly Suffering.

Jussayin. Food for thought.

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