Sunday, July 30, 2017

a love story 46: ken and peter 2

we've previously learned in ken and peter 1 that carol is flying in for a long weekend, from seattle to silver city by way of denver. ken's asked about the itinerary - home, meet the family (ken's dog and two cats), dinner reservations at cantina azul, back home, watch a movie.

already established carol has the guest room.

and walk the dogs the next morning, breakfast at the biscuit, coffee and scrabble at the cafe, stopping in to see cheryl's show, then a drive up the mountain for a picnic and hike, if carol is up for a hike.

but first peter (who is gay) says he thinks ken will love cheryl's new work - a departure - and that he wishes he could be there just to see the look in cheryl's face when ken "saunters" in with carol.

ken asks what the hell peter is talking about. peter tells ken cheryl obviously has a thing for ken, to which ken, it seems, is oblivious. he also disagrees but peter opts to not pursue the subject.

p yes, so, anyway, you're stopping in.

k i think you're wrong.

p you tell me what carol says, if you ask her.

k i don't think i will.

p then what, after cheryl's

k taking a drive up the mountain for a picnic.

p aaah.

k yeah.

p weather should be glorious.

k maybe a little hike, if she's up for it,

p will she be.

k (beat) not sure.

p is she active?

k she says she's been walking lately.

p but not in the gym, not like that.

k no, at least not that i know of.

p dinner at.

k pluto.

p followed by.

k macbeth is at (the university theatre).

 (and i doubt that stays macbeth.)

p does she like theatre?

k season tickets at seattle rep.

peter gives his thumbs-up

p after the play.

k i thought we'd swing by the sombrero.

p i smell tequila.

k that's what taxis are for.
p and straight to separate beds when you get home.

ken smiles.

p that smile.

k what?

p what.

ken's phone ringtones. (greeneyed lady?)

p hoodat?

k carol.

hey there. are your ears burning?

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