Sunday, July 30, 2017

a love story 45 more silver city itinerary: ken/peter 2

carol arrives at the airport.

we've previously learned through a previous conversation with peter, ken's friend and cycling partner, that carol has flown into silver city from seattle, through denver. ken's asked about the itinerary for their long weekend.

pick her up. back to my place. meet the family. (ken has two cats and a dog.) dinner reservations at seven at cantina azul, maybe coffee after, depending, back to my place, a movie.

p the obvious question.

the guest room.

peter nods.

p she already knows this.

k it's all been discussed. no surprises.

p until there is one.

k this is getting to know you.

peter (who is gay) hums the tune.

p tomorrow?

k walk the dogs, she can come along or sleep in.

p which will she do?

k (beat) come along. breakfast at the biscuit, step in to see cheryl's show -

p you will love it.

k yeah?

p it's a departure for her.

k so i heard.

p i can't wait to hear what you think. and wish i could see the look on cheryl's face when you come sauntering in with...

l carol.

p carol. dammit. why do i want to say colleen.

k and what are you talking about regarding cheryl's face.

p she's in love with you, stupid.

k give me a break.

p yes, so, anyway. you're stopping in.

to be cont'd

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