Friday, June 23, 2017

Yi 1480: my increasing difficulty with people

i want to be alone.

Legge: The second line, dynamic, shows her blind of one eye, and yet able to see. There will be advantage in her maintaining the firm correctness of a solitary widow.
Wilhelm/Baynes: A one-eyed man who is able to see. The perseverance of a solitary man furthers.
Blofeld: The one-eyed man can see. Righteous persistence brings advantage to the recluse. [It is not unusual for a one-eyed man to see, more or less, or for a recluse to benefit from persistence in his meditations and devotions; neither of them symbolizes anything at all remarkable.]
Liu: A one-eyed man can see. It benefits the solitary man to keep quiet.
Ritsema/Karcher: Squinting enabling observing. Harvesting: shade people's Trial.
Shaughnessy: The blind are able to see; beneficial for a dark man to determine.
Cleary (1): The one-eyed can see. It is beneficial to be chaste as a hermit.
Wu: It is like looking with one injured eye. It is advantageous to having a recluse’s perseverance.
Confucius/Legge: She has not changed from the constancy proper to a wife. Wilhelm/Baynes: The permanent law is not changed. Blofeld: As yet, no change occurs in the ordinary course of events. Ritsema/Karcher: Not-yet transforming the rules indeed. Cleary (2): The benefit of the chastity of a hermit is not changing the norm. Wu: He has not yet deviated from his course.
Legge: Line two is dynamic in a magnetic place, and her correlate is magnetic in a dynamic place. Both, however, are central in their respective trigrams. With a weak correlate, line two can't do much in the discharge of her duties, but if she thinks only of her husband, like the widow who will die rather than marry again, such devotion will have its effect and reward. Though blind in one eye, she still manages to see -- devoted loyalty in an officer will compensate for many disadvantages.
Siu: Devoted loyalty on the part of the man will compensate for many weaknesses on the part of his associates as well.
Wing: The situation is disappointing. It is up to you, alone, to carry on the original vision. Such devotion and loyalty will ultimately bring progress.
Editor: The line does not lend itself to the usual gender designations used in this book. Blofeld's Confucian commentary: "As yet, no change occurs in the ordinary course of events” suggests that although we may not perceive or understand what is going on, we still haven't violated the Work. Legge's rendition of "the firm correctness of a solitary widow” implies virtuous abstinence -- not giving one's energy to any force that would compromise our integrity.
It is high time we realized that it is pointless to praise the light and preach it if nobody can see it. It is much more needful to teach people the art of seeing. For it is obvious that far too many people are incapable of establishing a connection between the sacred figures and their own psyche: they cannot see to what extent the equivalent images are lying dormant in their own unconscious. In order to facilitate this inner vision we must first clear the way for the faculty of seeing. How this is to be done without psychology, that is, without making contact with the psyche, is, frankly, beyond my comprehension. Jung -- Psychology and Alchemy
Line 2 A one-eyed man is able to see = the perseverance of a solitary man furthers. Changes to (51) Shocking. Perhaps if you had all of the details of this situation it might shock you. The good thing is that you are only seeing half of it and this allows you to preserve. Sometimes less is more and if you are trying to uncover a reason to leave you will find it. We are either committed to staying or looking for reasons to go. You may be in a period of hibernation or soul searching and events can change quickly to bring you back out into the open. To be one-eyed is to concentrate on your own happiness and fulfillment without giving much thought to what others are doing.

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