Monday, June 26, 2017

Yi 1490: letting Love find me


Legge: The fifth line, dynamic, affords the most illustrious instance of seeking union and attachment. We see in it the king urging his pursuit of the game only in three directions, and allowing the escape of all the animals before him, while the people of his towns do not warn one another to prevent it. There will be good fortune.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Manifestation of Holding Together. In the hunt the king uses beaters on three sides only and foregoes game that runs off in front. The citizens need no warning. Good fortune.
Blofeld: Relying on his people's co-operation, the King pursues game which is enclosed on three sides, but loses the quarry ahead. This is because the local people were not warned. [This would seem to suggest that our loss is not due to disloyalty but to having failed to take people into our confidence.] Righteous persistence brings good fortune.
Liu: Union with honor. The king hunts on three sides only, losing game through the front. The people are not afraid. Good fortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: Manifest Grouping. The king avails-of three beaters. Letting-go the preceding wildfowl. Capital people are not admonished. Significant.
Shaughnessy: Lustrously ally. The king herewith thrice drives (the hunt) losing the front catch; the city men are not warned; auspicious.
Cleary (1): Manifesting accord. The king uses three chasers and loses the game ahead. The citizens are not admonished. Auspicious.
Cleary (2): Manifest accord … The local people are not warned, etc.
Wu: This [line] reveals the essence of allegiance. The king deploys a three-sided chase in his hunt, such that he allows the game in front of him to escape. The townspeople do not warn one another of the king’s doing. There will be auspiciousness.
Confucius/Legge: The good fortune is because of the line's correct and central place. The king takes only those animals who present themselves obediently. He allows the others to escape. That the people do not warn one another to prevent the animals to escape shows how the king, in his high eminence, has made them pursue the due course. Wilhelm/Baynes: The position is correct and central. Discarding those who resist, accepting the devoted: this is the meaning of "foregoes game that runs off in front." "The citizens need no warning," for the one above makes them central. Blofeld: This good fortune is indicated by the central position of the ruling line. Leaving alone those difficult to catch and following where the chances seem good, the King nevertheless loses the game in front of him. This means that, although the local people were not warned, the ruler adopts a fair and liberal policy. [The implication is that such a policy is required for the success of our plans.]Ritsema/Karcher: Situation correctly centered indeed. Stowing-away countering, grasping yielding. Letting-go the preceding wildfowl indeed. Capital people not admonished. Commissioning centering above indeed. Cleary (2): The local people are not warned, because the ruler has effected balance. Wu:“To allow the game in front of him to escape” means setting free those who want to leave and taking in those who want to come, etc.
Legge: As the ruler, line five is the center of union. The ancient rule for hunting expeditions was that after the beating was completed and the king was ready to commence taking game, one side of the enclosure into which it had been driven was left open and unguarded. This was proof of the royal benevolence which didn't want to make an end of all the creatures inside. So well known and understood was this benevolent principle, that all of his subjects cooperated in carrying it out. The union shown here is therefore characterized by mutual confidence and the appreciation of benevolent virtue.
Siu: The superior ruler accepts those who voluntarily come to him and lets others go who care to go. He neither invites nor flatters. Union is based on mutual confidence and appreciation.
Wing: You can trust fate at this time to bring you together with those who would further you. There is a natural attraction at work here. The atmosphere is liberal, and much can be accomplished. The time is auspicious, indeed.

Line 5 Manifesting Union = one way out, the other ways lead to trouble. Changes to (2) Receptive. When you are comfortable and secure in who you are, you have no need to hunt and capture followers. Your purity and strength is a magnet that pulls others to you. Impressing others or pretending to be who you are not can only lead to trouble. The Receptive force in life is magnetic and therefore, has no need to hunt or capture. Others come of their own accord because you are sincere.

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