Thursday, June 22, 2017

Yi 1474: let into the house that jaq built (dream) revisited

feels like the house is elevated a little, like maybe on a hill. not sure though.

but at least two "guides"(?) guide me to her front door - an entry, an opening - and I want to say it is already open.

but if it is not, then these guides open it for me.

there is a mustang in the driveway, a shade of blue, and a year model, it seems, that would correlate with her date of birth. that era, anyway.

regardless, a "classic." (very much like this.)

a self-guided tour. seems nobody's home.

then someone is.

jaq at the top of the stairs. I'm at the bottom. she's in a slip.

we stare at each other, end dream.

kindasorta already knew that.

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