Monday, June 19, 2017

Yi 1463: too many questions?

Legge: The topmost line, dynamic, shows its subject as chanticleer trying to mount to heaven. Even with firm correctness there will be evil.
Wilhelm/Baynes: Cockcrow penetrating to heaven. Perseverance brings misfortune.
Blofeld: The noise of cocks crowing rises to the sky -- to persist now would bring misfortune. [This suggests that we are over-confident and inclined to crow about our good fortune; but we should remember that triumph seldom lasts long and avoid seeking even greater triumphs at this time.]
Liu: The crow of a cock piercing the heavens. To continue -- misfortune.
Ritsema/Karcher: A soaring sound mounting, tending-towards heaven. Trial: pitfall.
Shaughnessy: The golden pheasant's sound ascends to the heavens; determination is inauspicious.
Cleary (1): The voice of a pheasant reaches the skies; even if devoted, the outlook is bad.
Cleary (2): A rooster ascends to the skies. Self-righteousness leads to misfortune.
Wu: The crowing sound of a rooster ascends high in the sky. It will be foreboding, even with perseverance.
Confucius/Legge: Chanticleer tries to mount to Heaven, but how can such an effort continue long? Wilhelm/Baynes: How could such a one last long? Blofeld: For how could this continue for long? Ritsema/Karcher: Wherefore permitting long-living indeed? Cleary (2): How can the rooster who ascends to the skies last? Wu: How long can it last? Legge: Line six should be magnetic, but is dynamic, and coming after line five, what can he accomplish? His efforts will be ineffectual and self-destructive. He is symbolized as a cock -- literally: "The plumaged voice." But a cock is not fitted to fly high, and will only hurt himself in the attempt.

Siu: Mere words cannot be relied upon. Overdependence on them leads to bad results.
Wing: Your character has developed to a point where you can make a formalized appeal for help and allegiance in attaining ambitious aims. However, your position is not correct for such aspirations. The pursuit of these aims brings unhappiness and remorse.
Editor: The cock is a proud and stubborn bird: loud and aggressive, it is an appropriate symbol of a deluded ego. [Cocksure: "Given to or marked by overconfidence, presumptuousness, lack of thoroughness or cockiness."] The sound of a cock's crowing suggests proud words or vain ideas. His correlate is the weak and inconstant, “drumming and sobbing” third line, and he can be seen as an over-confident ego aspiring to lead the psyche to glory -- an illusion which can only fail and thereby retard the progress of the Work. At worst, this implies bad faith; at best it suggests ignorance and illusion.
Reliance on one's apparent self [ego] leads to ruin. To presume to be all-knowing is extremely harmful. Self-reliance or self-confidence means faith in the higher self. To persist in remaining what one already is or in holding on to one's preconceived opinions at any cost -- such self-importance is unprofitable. Swami Turlyananda
A. Ego pride destroys the Work.
B. Don't pretend to know or try to understand what is beyond your comprehension.

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