Thursday, June 8, 2017

Yi 1431: more going with the (creative) flow

I have a few things going at once, all the time. Right now I'm pretty focused on aiming my attention at Boots, and for the most part I do, but some days something else is a little louder, or a lot, and I listen, and go that direction when I think/feel there's real progress to be made.

So, like this morning, when my original notion on the way in was to sit down at the kitchen table with Carson and Wanda and Virginia, and listen to them and write it down, I decided, because it felt right to wait for the weekend for the uninterruptedness that assures, and because I find myself wondering, again, about Ken and Carole in Silver City, their itinerary, etc., I will throw some notes at that instead.

All stated as mere example of being open to the push and pull of the shifting currents of the Flow specific to the inquiry.


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